The Basics of Excavation Services

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Excavation services specialize in moving earth, rock, and other materials for building projects. They use a variety of methods for a variety of different jobs, from home construction to well digging. This video gives an overview of what excavation is and how excavation contractors accomplish their jobs.

As stated above, excavation is the moving of dirt. Excavators use heavy equipment, manual techniques, and even explosives to get a job done. They may be cutting, or removing material from an area, or filling, which is adding material to an area. Cutting and Filling are both further divided into subcategories.

If excavators are removing material, the material is stockpiled for future use. This means it’s moved to a safe location that minimizes congestion on the project site. Before a site is excavated, it is marked according to a specified plan.

The first step in cutting is loosening, where material is broken down. Then digging and hauling occurs. Think of vertical lifting for digging, and horizontal motion for hauling. Basically, you’re pulling the material up and out and moving it away to a stockpile.

For more information on cutting, filling, and other excavation basics, make sure to check out the video in the link above.

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