5 Cool Ways to Stay Cool!

Houses can get extremely hot in the summers, whether it be from putting of HVAC repairs for too long, or having an abundance of windows. Overheating, heat strokes, and heat exhaustion are incredibly dangerous health concerns when you are too hot, so having a plan to prevent your home from getting too hot is crucial. While air conditioning is the most obvious fix, there are several other easy steps you can take to cooling down your home.

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This video shows 5 cool ways to stay cool this summer.

First, turn off all of your electrical appliances. Energy produces heat, leaving your devices on can add to the stuffy feeling in your home. Second, close all of your blinds. A shaded and dark house is a cooler house. Next, you can use a floor lamp and a bowl of ice cubes to make your own DIY air conditioner. Keeping plenty of ice packs in the freezer makes for a easy access to heat relief if your head starts getting warm, and specialty ice packs are available specifically for the skin. Finally, you can put your bed sheets in the fridge, so they can be cool by the time you are ready for bed.


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