How to Pick a Water Filter for Your Home

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Water filters are an important part to a home because they ensure that you are getting the cleanest possible drinking water for you and your family. There are multiple brands and types of water filters to choose from. This video will explain some of the ways you can choose the water filter that’s perfect for your needs.

Most Americans get their water from a public water supply, which is treated and cleaned before being sent to the home. It’s perfectly safe to drink, but some homeowners want to go an extra step for water that tastes better and doesn’t have as much chlorine in it.

The most basic water filter is a pitcher with a water filter at the top. You pour water through the filter and then use the pitcher until it’s empty. It’s a cheap and easy way to do it, but then it often runs out of water quickly.

You can also install a water filter to the faucet head. There is a switch on the faucet so that you can use normal tap water while you’re washing dishes, and then use the filtered water for drinking.

Another option is to have water filters installed on the plumbing pipes beneath the sink. This is the most thorough filter you can get because it’s actually three filters. There’s no switch and it stays out of the way. The filters last a long time since the straining is diffused between all three. For more information, check out the video above.

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