Medical Supplies You Need for Your At-Home First Aid Kit

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Putting together a home first aid kit is a good idea. It will provide you with the proper medical supplies that you need in case of a medical emergency. This video breaks down some of the essential supplies you need to add to your home first aid kit.

There are some core supplies you need in every kit. The first thing to get is a tourniquet. There are a variety of tourniquets, but make sure you get one that is approved by TCCC. After that, add gauze and pressure bandages. Additionally, grab chest seals. You don’t need to pay attention to brands when it comes to gauze, pressure bandages, and chest seals.

You can also add CPR masks which act as a barrier while you are giving rescue breaths during CPR. However, these aren’t necessary as rescue breaths are largely out of fashion. They are much better for respiratory problems than CPR. Don’t forget to add PPE to keep the situation as sanitary as possible.

After the core kit, there are a variety of specialized supplies that can be used for specific situations. To learn more about what goes into a home first aid kit, check out the video in the link above.

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