The Basics of Propane

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Propane is a natural gas that is used as a fuel source for many homes in the US. It has a variety of uses and is produced through the oil refinery process. This video gives an overview of how propane is made and used within a home.

As stated above, propane is a byproduct of the oil refinery process. It is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas. In its natural state, you cannot smell it. At refinery plants, they put in a scent so that you can smell a propane leak and increase your safety. It’s a clean and American-made energy source.

Propane can be used for cooking or heating an entire home. If it is the fuel source for the home, a propane delivery truck will bring the propane to the home at a cost to the homeowner. Still, it’s a good fuel source for people whose homes are not connected to a town gas supply.

Propane is stored in tanks under pressure and in a liquid state. The top of the tank is then heated to turn some of the liquid into vapor and the vapor is what is used as fuel. The tanks themselves can last and be refilled for 12 years, then they have to be re-certified.

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