It Is Possible to Unclog a Drain Naturally

Is your drain clogged? You could run to the store and pick up a whole number of chemicals to unclog the drain. However, do you really want to be pouring chemicals down the drain? Many of these chemicals are toxic to people, kids, and pets. Is that really what you want? There are many natural alternatives to these harsh chemicals. Many of these alternatives don’t even require you running to the store. In this video, you will learn about natural drain unclogging alternatives.

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You could call a quality plumbing service to unclog the drain for you. However, there are also a few easy methods to do it yourself. Do you have some extra Coca-Cola in the fridge? If so, pour it down the sink. The acid in this beverage will break down the clog. After a little bit, turn on the warm water and let it rinse the clog down and out of the system.

Another option is to use a wire coat hanger to physically remove the blockage. This can be done by twisting the coat hanger into a long string of metal. Keep one end slightly bent and use this end to fish out the clogging material.


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