What to Look for in a Siding Contractor

Before hiring a siding contractor, there are a couple of key requirements they should meet in order to be the best fit for the job. This video surveys homeowners to discover what qualities they desire most in a siding contractor. One of the key things to check up on is insurance and licensing.

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Insurance ensures that the homeowner does not have to foot the bill in the case of property damage or work injuries. Licensing ensures that the contractor is qualified and certified to provide siding service in a particular area. Years of experience are also a good indicator of quality workmanship.

Another thing to consider is the siding contractor’s reputation. This information can be garnered from online reviews, work history, or referrals. Speak to at least three contractors to get an idea of what to expect in terms of service and price. A good siding contractor should provide a detailed written estimate of the project’s total cost. In addition, consider the warranties provided by each contractor, as they will cover any issues arising from the installation. Finally, never pay the full amount right away; pay only the down payment which is typically 50% of the cost.

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