Warning Signs of a Tree That Is About to Fall

When we think of forces of nature, we often think of earthquakes, fires, and hurricanes to name only a few. However, not many of us would put trees falling on that list. However, they can be just as destructive. Trees can weigh hundreds of pounds. This tree will do significant damage if it lands on your roof or car.

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Downed trees are fairly common too. In most cases, they take power lines down with them, resulting in lengthy power outages. In the worst case scenario, it lands on your house. Thankfully, there are things that you can do to protect yourself and your property. The key is identifying and removing dangerous trees before they fall. In this video, you will learn how.

First, look for dangerous limbs that could fall. These limbs are often longer than other limbs and sticking out more horizontally than vertically. If you see these limbs, have a professional come cut them down. If the tree is turning white, it is time to cut down the whole tree. Afterwards, call a stump grinding service to remove the stump. Just like that, your crisis has been averted.


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