Setting Up the World’s Coolest Room for Your Kid

Children thrive in their own spaces as it offers them the opportunity to expand their horizons and explore the world on a deeper scale. Their bedrooms are often regarded as safe havens, a place where they can lay their heads after a busy day. However, it can be difficult to give your child the bedroom they deserve, especially if they’re quite fussy or have very niche interests. This article will explore a wealth of ways that you can improve your child’s room and offer them an environment that they can truly enjoy.

Signs Your Child’s Bedroom Needs Improving

They’ve Outgrown Their Bed

Whether they’re transitioning into a toddler bed or have experienced a hefty growth spurt, your child should not be forced to sleep in a bed that no longer suits their needs. If you notice their feet hanging off the side, or they’re complaining of a bad night’s sleep, it may be time to purchase a piece of furniture that can support this new stage in life.

They’re Having Nightmares

Children often suffer from bad dreams, particularly if they’ve experienced a harrowing event such as an accident or parental separation. These dreams can be amplified if a child doesn’t feel safe in their bedroom or if it reminds them of a difficult time in their life. Your child may be scared of a certain object within their room, which also signals the need for a positive change.

They Have Different Interests Now

At first it was cars, now it’s dinosaurs. Parents are forced to keep up with their children’s ever-changing passions, which can mean that they have to constantly redecorate their bedrooms. Perhaps your child is growing up and doesn’t want to be burdened by their older interests and is eager to express their new ones. Regardless of the reason, a child’s bedroom should always reflect their current self and should not be a constant reminder of a time gone by.

You’re Preparing for a New Arrival

If your home is short on space, siblings may often be required to share rooms. This can lead to a conflict of styles, causing parents to embody a much more neutral theme. As such, you may have to alter your child’s room to suit the needs of their sibling, particularly if they are of a different sex.

They Need a Space to Relax

If your child is acting erratically or is struggling to unwind at the end of the day, you may need to streamline their bedroom to create a more peaceful environment. Studies have suggested that the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui has the potential to ease the symptoms of ADHD, allowing affected children to think more clearly and find their flow. In turn, a new bedroom can help your child to slow down and refine their focus, which could improve their performance in other key areas such as sports and school.

9 Ways to Give Your Child the World’s Coolest Room

1. Dispose of Unwanted Items

Though it can be tempting to hold to every precious item in your child’s life, it can leave their room feeling crowded and immature. Thus, it may be beneficial to throw out any old belongings and start afresh. This doesn’t mean that you have to throw everything away in a dumpster; instead, you can donate certain items to charity or even sell lucrative objects for a profit. This will help the room feel brand new and give your child the chance to fill it with sentimental things that they actually care about.

2. Make Any Necessary Home Repairs

Every home experiences wear and tear over the years, but serious damages can really affect the feel and suitability of a room. If you notice issues in your child’s bedroom such as damp spots, cracks, or peeling walls, it may be time to contact a local handyman for some more advice. These workers can solve the issues in a quick fashion, meaning that your child can move into their new bedroom as soon as possible.

3. Get Rid of Pests and Mold

Mold is an incredibly serious issue, and if left untreated, it can cause a wealth of problems for the whole family, including cancer and respiratory conditions. Mold remediation specialists can help to eliminate these fungi and help to deter them from coming back. Therefore, you can rest assured knowing that your children as safe as they sleep soundly in their rooms. Our homes can also be overrun by pests, especially if they are full of cracks and entryways. If this is the case for your family, conduct some research into household pest control and try to keep these frustrating creatures at bay.

4. Clean the Carpet

Over the years, our carpets can fall victim to an array of messes such as spills, rips, and decay. This can make the room seem unsanitary and can throw off the atmosphere of the entire house. A rug cleaning service can ensure that your carpet is kept to the best of its condition, offering it a new lease of life. Furthermore, these specialists can also help to make your home more hygienic, meaning that children are less likely to suffer from viruses and illnesses.

5. Choose the Perfect Paint Color

The right color can make or break a room, so it’s paramount that you select an option that best suits your child’s style. Try taking your child to the local hardware store and encouraging them to pick out a few of their favorite shades. If the job seems too big to do on your own, recruit a collection of interior painters to help you with this project. These workers can help to create a cleaner job and help to cover every surface in a quick and easy fashion.

6. Pick Out Trendy Furniture

Off-beat furniture can help transform your child’s bedroom into the perfect hangout spot, allowing them to bring friends over without feeling embarrassed. Your local furniture store is the perfect spot to pick out a few unusual pieces that will really make the space pop. Make sure that your child also has access to an array of essential pieces such as a study area, a closet, and a sizable bed. These items can also be paired with nuanced accessories to ensure that your child’s new room is keeping up with the times.

7. Add Attractive Window Treatments

Windows not only let us gaze out at the scenery that sits before us, but they can also help us to shut the world out after a long and tiring day. Custom window blinds and treatments can help your child’s room to feel more cozy and relaxing, whilst still blocking our harsh sources of sunlight. During the summer months, this can ensure better sleep, making your child feel rested and fully prepared for the new day ahead.

8. Add Cozy Lighting

Lava lamps, fairy lights, and vintage lamps can all give your child’s room a charming atmosphere, which can also help them relax for the night. Some children revel in the comfort of a main light, assuring them that everything is okay during dark nights. This can be implemented by electricians, who can wire these lines safely and securely. Thus, your child can be soothed by their cozy light as they slip into a deep slumber.

9. Incorporate Smart Home Technology

Smart home devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google Nest can be purchased from a variety of electronics shops and give children the prime opportunity to control their room via their smartphone. These devices can control the lighting and sound within the room, allowing children to customize the look and feel of their entire space. Moreover, smart home technology gives children the chance to become more accustomed to this type of tech, meaning that they can get a taste of the future while relaxing in their bedrooms.

Benefits of Giving Your Child a Better Bedroom

Improved Sleep Schedule

When children enjoy spending time in their bedrooms, they don’t fret about falling asleep at night. Adequate amounts of quality sleep also provide children with a series of positive health benefits including better memory, improved cognition, and a happier mood. Combined, these traits can help your child succeed in all aspects of their lives, potentially offering them better grades, stronger friendships, and deeper memory recall. Thus, a good bedroom can help your child rest and recharge so that they’re ready for whatever life throws at them.

More Respect for Their Belongings

A child’s bedroom is also regarded as a storage unit for some of their most prized possessions, and when this space matches their preferences, they’re more likely to take better care of their goods. In turn, gone are the days when toys were scattered all over the floor and the beds were left messy and unkempt. Now, children can place their favorite belongings in a designated area, and they may feel more inspired to keep their rooms clean so that they continue to look as neat and tidy as possible.

Increased Social Interactions

Teenagers often compare themselves to their peers, so they may feel insecure about the state of their childhood bedrooms. A new makeover can make them feel more confident about their space, encouraging them to invite friends over to their home. This means that your child will be interacting with people that they care about and working to form lifelong relationships. By inviting their friends over to your home, you can be sure of your child’s whereabouts, giving you peace of mind as well.

Gives Children Their Own Space to Play

Although the sound of children playing can bring us joy, it can get pretty frustrating at times. Offering children their own space to do as they please, they begin to understand the importance of boundaries and being respectful of their own surroundings. This is particularly important for parents who work from home and are constantly on edge about their child running into the shot during a crucial Zoom meeting. Children also learn to appreciate the act of keeping their belongings in their room, meaning that parents no longer have to trip over pieces of Lego sets as they go to make their morning coffee.

Supports a New Generation of Online Learners

Many students have completed some form of schoolwork online, and your child may need a designated space to complete such tasks. By offering children the chance to complete this work in their bedrooms, children can learn to associate their room with learning. In turn, this has the potential to breed a new variety of inquisitive children. Accessories such as a desk and a laptop also offer children the opportunity to work in a more professional environment, making them well-prepared when they enter the world of work.

Fosters a Sense of Independence

As children continue to enjoy their new rooms, it’s important that you teach them to clean and maintain their spaces. Implementing functional storage solutions and quirky trinkets can help your children hold a sense of pride in their bedroom and will be more likely to keep up with their chores. This is beneficial for families who are eager to give their children more responsibility or looking to put a reward system in place.

Giving your child a new bedroom can offer them a wealth of prosperous benefits such as better sleep, improved mood, and more respect for their stuff, all of which can help your child function in the long run. As such, if you’re looking to win the title of the world’s greatest parent, be sure to follow the tips and tricks in this article and give your child a bedroom that is out of this world.

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