What to Know Before Adding a Home Addition

If you’re adding a new member to your family, or simply want some more guest rooms to host your friends, then adding a home addition is the perfect solution to your space problem. Several homeowners are adding additions to their houses for the resale value alone, while others add them for daily use. If you are having the age-old debate of whether to add an addition or simply move entirely, then this video will help shed some light on the subject. Let’s get started!

First of all, adding home additions takes a whole ton of planning and foresight. Before you jump headfirst into the project, be sure to visit a few different local planning and building departments to pitch them your idea.

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Sometimes homeowners pour money into a project before they find out that a home addition is impossible because of zoning laws or safety measures. If you have confirmation that you can indeed build your home addition, it’s time to explore prices. Ask yourself whether the overhead cost is worth it, and if moving would be a cheaper option for what you need. Once your started, plan of moving out for a bit until the construction is finished.


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