This Is Why You Take Tornado Warnings Seriously

If you and your family ever hear that warning beeping on your TV or radio, listen carefully. If you have a tornado warning, it is crucial to seek shelter immediately. Tornadoes can destroy a roof or even a whole house in a matter of seconds. In this video, you will see what a tornado looks like up close.

Video Source

The year is 2015. Mr. Schultz goes upstairs to grab a lantern in his home in Fairdale, Illinois. He gazes out his window to see a dark, swirling, wedge-like coming his direction. He takes a significant risk and decides to record the monster. The funnel swirls dust and debris violently as it barrels close and closer. Occasional power flashes can be seem from destroyed powerlines in the distance.

As the tornado nears the home, you can hear the roar of the winds. To many, this roar sounds like a loud freight train. When the tornado finally hits, the camera goes dark from all the dirt and debris that are flying around. However, just before going dark, you can see a powerline snapped like a toothpick. At this point, you can’t see anything. You can only hear the deafening roar of the wind. Then, as quickly as the tornado came, it leaves and the noise dies down. Never underestimate these powerful beasts.


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