The Inner Workings of Your Septic Tank

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A septic tank is used for treating and disposing of wastewater from your home. If you have a septic tank it’s important to understand how it works and have a reliable septic pumping company on standby for any issues. This video explains how septic tanks work so you can take care of your plumbing system.

Plumbing pipes from the home carry wastewater to the septic tank. The septic tank is located on the property and placed underground. The septic tank holds the wastewater as it separates into three distinct layers: scum, liquid(effluent), and sludge.

Scum is a mixture of oils and fats that float to the top of the surface. The liquid in the middle is known as effluent. At the bottom of the tank is the solid waste, or sludge. There may be multiple compartments, filters, and micro bacteria to help treat the wastewater.

Once the wastewater is treated and separated, the effluent is sent through a baffle pipe. The baffle pipe carries the water to a specialized field, known as a leach field or drain field. The soil in this field is specially treated to clean the effluent even more before it is sent back into the groundwater.

For more information on septic tanks, click on the link to the video above.

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