Tackling Keyless Entry Door Lock Installation

With advancements in technology, protecting the home has become easier than ever. One such advancement that has revolutionized home protection is the keyless lock that can be installed on any door on the property. Understanding keyless entry door lock installation can make the process easier to understand, as well as give your home an extra layer of protection from any unwanted visitors.

In terms of tools needed for the installation, a screwdriver, a drill, and in some cases a chisel, are all you need to complete the job. When installing, be sure to test the deadbolt after it has been placed in the door to ensure that it fits in place with the current setup.

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If it doesn’t, it may be necessary to chisel more of the door or the frame to adjust the height of the bolt.

When installed, some keyless locks will come with additional reinforcement plates. These are good to place underneath a strike plate if one is already in place. If you do not have one currently, be sure to grab a strike plate, as this helps to prevent the door from being kicked in.

For additional information about keyless entry door lock installation, please review the attached video.


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