Cavity Prevention Guide

Have you ever take a family photo to realize that your child’s teeth are yellow. Yellow teeth could be a result of not brushing properly. Yellow teeth are one of the less harmful effects of not brushing. There may be a hidden issue in your child’s mouth that you don’t know about. Tooth decay is a more serious issue that can arise from improper dental hygiene.

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This can result in unwanted visits to the dentist and more copays. In this video, you will learn how to prevent cavities in your child’s teeth.

We all know how much children love candy. While candy is fun from time to time, we also know that candy can be detrimental to a child’s oral health. This is because bacteria feed off of the sugar that gets left behind. These bacteria in turn make acid that causes cavities to rot teeth. Most of the time, you won’t know that a cavity is forming until it is too late. If your child can feel it, it is too late. So what do you do? One thing is to have your child eat less sugar and fermentable carbs such as cake and cookies. Further, have your child brush their teeth after meals. Lastly, make sure they are taking the time to brush twice a day. If you need further advice, thankfully there are many wonderful family dentistry practices that would be more than willing to help


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