How to Fix That Single Dented Garage Door Panel

Every year, countless people have issues with their garage doors. From complete shutdowns to minor squeaking problems, there is truly no shortage of work for garage door repair companies. If you have a sheet garage door, or one that incorporates a textured metal exterior, then denting is one of the most common problems you will have to watch out for. Denting could be from cars or tree limbs, and can occur without you even noticing.

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While you may not need to fix this dent immediately for your garage door to open and close, it is crucial to make it a top repair priority before it causes bigger problems in your garage door system. In this video, we will look at a simple and easy way to fix the dent in your garage door without calling the repairman.

First of all, you are going to have to take careful measurements of your garage door. Research your door’s materials and how long you need to make your supports. This YouTuber incorporates simple pine board into his garage door repair, using two boards of it to serve as support beams as the door moves. He simply secures them with duct tape or Gorilla tape, and this is his solution for the next few years.


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