How to Create a Custom Engagement Ring Design

Do you feel ready to take your relationship to the next level by proposing to your partner? One of the most important decisions around an engagement is the engagement ring. How the ring looks matters, and many people don’t want a ring that looks like everyone else’s ring.

If you want to make your partner’s engagement ring truly unique, try creating a custom engagement ring design. If you’re at all worried about doing so, feel free to talk to a jeweler about some of the jewelry your partner loves.

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They can help you design something that would fit right in with their style.

If you do want to create a custom engagement ring design from scratch, the video posted on this page can help. In it, the host talks about the eight most important steps to take when coming up with a design for a ring. You will need to choose the type, size, and shape of the gemstone in the ring (if the ring will have one at all). Additionally, you’ll have to choose the type of metal that you want to use and how any gemstones are mounted in it. Custom rings truly benefit from tiny details like filigree, so keep that in mind too.


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