Marketing Mistakes Roofing Contractors Must Avoid

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Roofing contractors are highly skilled individuals who do an impressive job making homes safe and secure. However, when it comes to marketing, they’re less experienced. Here are a few things to avoid if you’re a roofing contractor.

You need a creative name that sticks with people and stands out from the crowd. While your instinct may be to go with your initials or family name, it may be better in a marketing sense to think more creatively about what your brand will be called.

Roofing contractors can sometimes do siding and other exterior jobs for clients, and may use “exteriors” in their company name. However, if you want to do more roofing jobs, you need to forego the “exteriors” and use “roofing”. Of course, this is dependent upon the types of jobs you want your business to take on.

Selling too many products is another common marketing mistake. Become an expert in a product, and slowly grow over time. But go for depth, not breadth, initially.

Another contracting mistake is to ignore online reviews. Most clients will search the company online before choosing. It’s not even that bad reviews will get you ignored by potential clients. Not having enough reviews, good or bad, will turn people off.

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