A Look at Rebuilding Repairable Corvettes

Anyone interested in repairing and restoring vehicles should check this story. The Youtube video “Salvage Corvette C8 The Story Behind the Rebuild” shows how someone fixed a Corvette to its former glory. Let’s find out more!

The host of the video was answering a few questions about his restoration of beautiful repairable Corvettes. He found the C8 on a Facebook group, and the owner wasn’t at fault for what happened to the car.

Video Source

He got it from the Corvette Museum and had to install the ground effects package and the high wind spoiler, which don’t come with the original purchase. He was driving afterward and got T-boned by a Grand Cherokee Jeep right on the passenger side because someone ran a red light.

The insurance on the car gave the owner two options: wait to get it repaired because COVID had everything backed up or get the market value of the vehicle. The owner was not that happy about the situation as he felt they were giving him bad advice. However, the insurance offered $110,000 for a $94,000 car, which is a great deal, so he chose that option.

You can check the rest of the video for more details about repairable corvettes.


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