6 Tips and Tricks to a Better Experience with Your Red Cross Clothing Pickup

Clothing donations

Most people in the United States like the idea of giving back to their communities. Many do not have the time to volunteer or the money to donate but like the idea. It has been found that at least 70% of American s go make some kind of donation to charity every year. It has been estimated that people in the United States donate about 3% of their income every year. Non-profit organizations do a lot to give back on both sides of the economy. They help people on the bottom of the economic spectrum with their needs but they also contribute about $666 billion to the country’s economy. To make matters easier, most people who want to help others have items around the house. It is easy to set up a Red Cross clothing pick up.

  1. Go through your items to determine what you have for a Red Cross clothing pick up. When you are looking to help people who need it, spend some time going through your clothing and household items and see what you can donate to others. When you make a Red Cross clothes donation or give your household items, you are giving people what they need exactly, Every year many families lose everything they have in a natural disaster (storm, wildfire or earthquake) and they need the basics to start the process of getting their lives on track.
  2. One person’s trash is another’s treasure. You may be tired of some of your clothes that you once loved. In a similar vein you and your kids may have grown out of some clothing items. When you are thinking about scheduling a Red Cross clothing pick up, you may think none of your belongs will be wanted by anyone else but you would be wrong. Go through your stuff and you will see how useful a lot of it might to to others.
  3. Clean and sort all of your clothing donations. When you make your donations of all of your unused or not needed items and clothing, you should clean it and sort it. The last thing you want to do when you make a donation to charity is to make the workers there go through your literal “dirty laundry” or have to sort it all. You should always check through all of the pockets. Workers in non-profits say they often find money and other valuable items in the pockets of clothing. It is is great to make these clothes donations but you should check the pockets to make sure you are not giving more than you mean to.
  4. Get a great, clean and tidy space. All of the things you are not using or wearing are going no one any good on your shelves, in your closets or just laying around the house. When you go through and clean out your home to make a donation to charity, you get a cleaner and more organized home. Most of us could use that!
  5. Make it a group thing and set up a clothing donation drive at work or in your neighborhood. Get your friends and coworkers in on the fun. When you schedule a Red Cross clothing pick up, you can get more for everyone. More tax savings for you and more help for people in your community makes the donating help everyone involved.
  6. Get your paperwork in order to take the worth of your Red Cross clothing donations by taking them off of your taxes. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) treats your Red Cross clothing pick up the same as whe you give items or even money. To be on the safe site, you should ask for a receipt every time you go to a Red Cross donation center. The IRS requires paperwork when the donation exceeds $250 and if you make multiple clothes donations, the value does add up.

Making clothing donations to charity is a great way to spread cheer and goodwill throughout the year and at the holiday season. When set up a Red Cross clothing pick up, it could not be easier to help people who need it.

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