Four Important Apartment Characteristics to Consider

Corporate apartments

Apartment living is popular in many of the larger cities across the country. Depending on your living situation, it does not always make the most sense to buy a house. Additionally, there are many types of apartments available. If you are in the market for an apartment, do not settle for the first one you look at. Instead, consider all of these rental amenities and which are the most important to you.

Cost of rental and move in costs

It is possible that you will be living in this apartment for many years to come. If your intention is to eventually purchase a house, you will want to put money away into savings each month. In the meantime, you will want an apartment rental that is affordable every month. Consider your income and all of your current expenses. Then, come up with a monthly payment that is easily affordable.

Try not to go over this budget, even with additional rental amenities. When viewing apartments, get a good idea of the range of apartments available in your budget by scheduling at least three or four view on one visit. This will keep each one fresh in your mind and will help with the decision making process. Also, keep in mind that most apartment rentals require some amount of move in costs. This is usually a full month?s rent as a security deposit and both first and last month?s rent. Make sure you understand these costs before closing on an apartment.

Consider number of bedrooms and bathrooms

If you are moving into an apartment alone, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms might not be as important. However, if you will have a roommate or even a spouse, you will want to decide how many of each you require. Apartment rentals with additional bedrooms and bathrooms often cost more per month. Also, check the size of each room and make sure you are able to fit all of your current furniture into each room. It can get expensive if you have to replace all of your current furniture.

Don?t forget the essentials

Remember that you will be living in this apartment. You will sleep, entertain, and possibly work here. One of the most important rental amenities you will want to check for is Wifi connectivity. Poor internet connection could affect you from being able to work or go to school in your own apartment. Approximately 53% of residents tested mobile connectivity during their initial apartment tour. Another 98% report that good reception is important and only 68% say coverage at their current community is great. Imagine if you had to run to the local WiFi spot every time you needed to use the internet.

Consider the apartment community

Both the location of the apartment complex and the on site rental amenities are important. While most luxury apartments come with on site exercise rooms, outdoor pools, and conference rooms, these amenities tend to vary in other apartment rentals. Don?t stop your apartment tour short. Make sure you visit all of the amenities, as your rent will be paying for these additions. The location of the complex is also crucial. Take a drive around the neighborhood either before or after your tour and take note of local attractions. Are there sufficient food places? Is there a nearby gym? How far do you have to go for shopping? These features will make your location more ideal.

Approximately 25% of rental residents stated they were rented by choice, in a recent survey. This means that they prefer to live in an apartment rather than a house. Apartment living is ideal for many real estate clients. Just make sure that you are choosing the best apartment for your living needs.

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