American Red Cross Pickup Donate + Recycle= A Win-Win

Whenever there is a natural disaster or emergency, there is one organization that always responds: the American Red Cross. Although we prefer not to think of the things that can go wrong in life, they do happen, sometimes in a flash.

Our comfortable routines can be overturned in an instant, by events such as fires, floods, earthquakes and other disasters. These are unavoidable circumstances. They are devastating, but they do occur.

And for those times when the unthinkable occurs, the American Red Cross will be there to help. 365 days a year, 24 hours per day, the American Red Cross will offer relief in the form of shelter, blankets, clothing, food and blood. These forms of assistance are made possible by the American Red Cross pickup of donations that are distributed to communities, families and individuals impacted by catastrophic events.

One of the most important sections of donations for individuals is the area that deals with requests for people to donate clothing. Considering how individuals come in all shapes and sizes, the varieties of clothing needed is virtually unlimited.

Naturally, the first reaction would be to try and offer help and assistance in the form of clothing. But many of us would find ourselves asking how to get this done. Perhaps you may ask, for instance, ‘how do I donate clothes?’ It may be that you are unable to make the trip to a clothing donation center to make your charitable contribution.

You won’t have much trouble finding an answer, because, in fact, many groups will arrange to pick up clothing donations, just to make it convenient for you. For instance, a Red Cross clothing pickup can be arranged to save you the trip to the clothing donation center. With a Red Cross pickup scheduled, you will see that donating clothing to charity does not have to be complicated or difficult. Red Cross pickup arrangements can also be made for other goods, such as blankets and household items.

However, one does not need to wait for a disaster to help out and arrange for a Red Cross pickup. There is also another reason to consider making donations. What is it? It is known as recycling. Recycling and donating clothes are great choices for the environment, too.

Each year, the average American discards 10 pounds of clothes, according to the EPA. Just throwing away all these clothes creates a lot of textile waste. Just think if all this were recycled, instead!

It is plain to see that there are so many benefits to donating and recycling. You are doing something good for others as well as for the environment. Clearly, donations arranged by a Red Cross pickup and other non profit organizations are a total “win-win”.

To sum up, Americans on the whole are a very generous and very giving nation. But one area of giving is truly important, and that is the area of clothing donations. At some level, and in some way, every year the number of Americans who give to charity total an astonishing 70%. This is a wonderful statistic, exemplifying the national spirit and what it means to be an American.

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