Donating Clothes Can Help Your Community, Your Environment And Your Wallet Here’s How

American red cross donations

Spring is around the corner…you know what that means? It’s time to get smart about spring cleaning.

That means not just getting rid of things you don’t need, but making the absolute most out of it. There’s money to be saved, communities to help and an environment to support when you rummage around in your closet for clothes you don’t wear anymore. Red Cross clothing pick up services are a convenient and fast way to not just clear out your home, but do a world of good…literally. If you’ve considered making 2018 the year you first donate to charity (or are coming back around for round two after giving last year), the list below will make sure you’re covering all your bases.

How Many People Give To Charity?

Donating to charity is more popular than you may think. In fact, you might have a family member or friend who’s donated to charity within the past few months! A recent study found up to 70% of the American population will donate to charity each year. That’s as much as 3% of the entire country’s income. Despite this, the EPA found Americans will throw away an average of 10 pounds of clothing per person every single year. Red Cross clothing pick up can put a dent in these numbers.

What Are The Most Popular Donations To Charity?

You can donate all sorts of items and foodstuffs to charity. It’s through your generous giving that struggling families, students and individuals of all backgrounds can enjoy a bright spot on their week. One of the most popular choices, as you have likely already guessed, is the donation of gently used clothes. Not only can used clothing donations fill up thrift stores and give people on a budget nice shirts, sweaters and pants to enjoy, the rest can be recycled and repurposed instead of being sent to landfills.

Are Used Clothes Helpful To The Environment?

An increasingly important result from the constant donation of used clothes to charity organizations and thrift shops is a cleaner environment. Americans will collectively consume over 20 billion garments every year. That’s as many as 68 garments and seven pairs of shoes per person in a week! Although the vast majority of textiles are easily recycled and reused, landfills are still much higher than they need to be. What else can you glean when you visit or call your local clothing donation center?

Can I Save Money By Donating Clothes?

There are even more benefits you can gain when you reach out to Red Cross clothing pick up services. Your donation to a selected charity is actually tax deductible for the value of the items you’ve given. Recent estimates have seen over 14 million tons of American textiles and clothes helping people not just in the United States, but the United States and the rest of the world. Just make sure to keep your receipt so you can deduct your taxes as accurately as possible.

How Does Red Cross Clothing Pick Up Work?

You may be new to the function to Red Cross clothing donations. Many people are eager to give to charity, but find themselves at a bit of a loss on how to do it as efficiently as possible. When you donate clothes to Red Cross you do the dual work of saving yourself money and helping out communities the world over. The American National Red Cross is the 13th largest American charity as ranked by private donations. It received over $685 million in 2014 alone. All you have to do is call your local Red Cross center and ask them to swing by your place with your neatly marked bags or boxes where they can easily see.

Spring cleaning can be more than just dusting and sweeping. Do some good for yourself and others by donating to Red Cross this year.

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