6 Reasons You Need to Have Your Home Professionally Cleaned

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Did you know that about 84% of Americans agree that a clean carpet is an essential part of having a clean home? There?s more than a few reasons you might want to consider same-day maid services. Here?s the top six reasons you should stop spending your free time vacuuming.

1. Time Gained

When you do cleaning in stages, it?s easy to not realize how much time you?re spending on the cleaning process. However, families that hire same-day maid services gain back 30 days a year — or 730 hours — that would otherwise be spent on cleaning. You can use that time to read, watch your favorite show on Netflix, hang out with your family, or just take a nap!

2. Health

Did you know that, according to the Centers for Disease Control, there are an estimated 76 million cases of food borne illnesses every year? And about 325,000 people have a serious enough case that they need to go to the hospital. By having someone clean your home, you?re going to keep counters clean and help to keep your family safe.

3. A Better Environment

Several studies have suggested that a clean and tidy living environment is better for your mental health, as well as keep depression at bay. Having a clean home is also linked to people being more focused on their tasks, and more productive as well.

4. Keeps Respiratory Issues at Bay

Dust and mould can collect quickly in the corners of your home, leading to coughing, colds, and conditions like asthma. Similarly, if you have seasonal allergies having your home regularly cleaned with dependable house cleaning will help keep symptoms at bay. Otherwise, pollen loves to nestle down in your carpet and on other surfaces around the home.

5. Many Cleaning Services Use Green Products

About one out of every three chemical-based cleaning products has ingredients that causes health problems for humans or the environment. If you don?t want that in your home, you can opt for finding a maid service that uses entirely green products.

6. It’s Easier to Host People

Have you ever thought about having people over for drinks on a Friday night — only to realize that having them over would require hours beforehand to get your home looking good enough to host people? Ultimately, having your home cleaned can help save you money if it encourages you to stick around a bit longer rather than going out all the time.

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