Yes, Hiring a Cleaning Service Can Be a Smart Choice For Busy Adults

As many as 84% of adults believe you can’t have a clean home without having a clean carpet. Yet, about 22% of adults also admit that their carpet is probably dirtier than even there toilet seat. This suggests that many people are not living in as clean an environment as they would like. The problem is not necessarily that adults are being lazier; rather it is a a situation where families have more on their plate. Cleaning, especially deep cleaning, is often the first non-essential to fall by the wayside when schedules get busy.

Could You Really Simplify Your Life With a Dependable House Cleaning Service?

There’s a stigma among adults, especially women, about hiring someone to perform household tasks. This is especially true of able-bodied adults who believe that they “should” be the one to clean the house, doubly so if they are below a certain income bracket.

Why Don’t More People Hire a Dependable House Cleaning Company?

Yet it was only within the last 100 years or so that it became the norm for women to take over the physical labor of cleaning from hired help. Mostly this switch can be blamed on the the rise of clever advertising and technological advances in home appliances. Hiring a company to do the regular upkeep of household chores quickly fell by the wayside for the average American. Thankfully, this is changing.

When to Hire a Dependable House Cleaning Company.

Good, dependable house cleaning services can be arranged for a number of different occasions. Many people choose a service for apartment cleaning before they leave, so as to reap most of their deposit back. Other people may choose to hire a company for spring cleaning services, to get their space deep cleaned. Still others find that regular service is key to keeping their house clean, organized, and relatively stress-free. There is no wrong way to hire a company to help you keep your home cleaner.

What to Look For In a Dependable House Cleaning Company.

When looking for a good cleaning company, there are a few points to keep in mind. First, know upfront what you are looking for in a cleaning service. Do you want someone to come by once a week to dust and vacuum? Or do you want someone who is willing to help tidy up as well? Your home might need to be deep cleaned, or have special jobs performed every once and a while. Knowing what you need will quickly narrow down your options.

An important component of hiring a cleaning service is maintaining good communication. Make sure expectations are outlined clearly in the contract. This actually goes both ways: they agree to services, you agree to have the home in a certain condition, which includes whether or not you’ll be present. It is always better to be clear on the details.

Finding a good cleaning service can be accomplished through recommendations from family and friends, through an online search, or by looking at job postings. Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations, as the person will be working in your home.

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