Don’t Sleep on This How Adjustable Bed Options Can Actually Make You Sleep and Feel A Lot Better

Adjust a bed

Sleep is often referred to as the cousin of death and is a necessary biological function that has captivated mankind since the beginning of time.

The many different stages of sleep take your body farther and farther into a relaxing state, where you fall deeper and deeper into your own consciousness. That’s the stuff that dreams are made of! And while you’re dreaming somewhere off in la-la land, your body is hard at work while you rest. Sleep gives the body time to repair and heal itself while your mind has time to process all the information you took in during the day. Without sleep, your body will perform as though you were under the influence of drugs!

That’s why it goes without saying that choosing the right kind of comfortable bed is of the utmost importance. Regardless of what kind of sleeping position you prefer, choosing the right kind of mattress or bed is important and critical to getting a good night of restorative, undisturbed sleep. Without sleep, your health will suffer!

There are many different kinds of beds available, from electric beds, to queen beds, to therapeutic beds and more. Although everyone may have their own personal preference, everyone seems to agree that adjustable bed options are among the most comfortable and provide the best and deepest sleep. Adjustable bed options have a great amount of flexibility in allowing people to adjust the incline in order to suit their needs. This has several benefits, especially for those who may be bed ridden.

Adjustable bed options also provide an extra sense of comfort even for those who aren’t bed ridden! Just think of all the time you were awakened by the loud snores of your spouse or partner? All it would take would be a simple adjustment to fix the problem, such as placing another pillow under their head or having them change positions, but of course you don’t want to wake the other person up! That would be rude! However, adjustable bed options would have allowed you to silently adjust their side of the bed in order for the snoring to stop so you could get back to some much needed sleep.

So now that you understand why adjustable bed options are so important to getting a good’s night rest and maintaining — or even improving — your health, let’s take a look at three of most common sleep positions and the impact they may or may not be having on your body.

Sleeping on your back

Counting sheep on your back is great for spine and neck health, because it keeps the back straight and allows it to really stretch out. This take any pressure off of it that would normally be there if you’re sitting or slouching. Also sleeping on your back makes it a lot easier for the mattress to do its job, which is to support your back! In an ideal and probably a little uncomfortable world, everyone would sleep on their back without a pillow in order to keep the neck in a neutral position and the spine elongated. As an added benefit, sleeping on your back keeps your the skin on your face exposed to air and can help to prevent wrinkles.

Side sleepers

Curling up into the cozy fetal position or lying straight on your side are among the most common sleeping positions, with the majority of people being side sleepers. Sleeping on your left side has a variety of different benefits, especially for pregnant women. Side sleeping increases circulation to the heart, takes pressure off the lower back, and also ease the discomfort of heartburn and acid reflux. Due to the increased circulation, sleeping on your side is also really good for digestion. The only down side? Your arm might get numb!

Sleeping on your stomach

In some cases, sleeping on your stomach can ease snoring and even help with sleep apnea but otherwise, sleeping on your stomach is not recommended. Even with all the adjustable bed options, sleeping on your stomach is considered one of the worst positions for your body.

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