Building Your Beautiful Dream

Luxury home floor plans

Everyone has some idea of what their dream home would look like if they had the money to spend on it, or the time to put into it, or the ability to stay in one place long enough to enjoy it. And for those who are able to put that dream into motion to make it a reality, the finished products are often quite stunning. Of course, no one dreams exactly the same way. One person’s custom house designs may be a quaint, cozy and modest cabin on the shores of a forest lake, while another individual may be making luxury home designs that consist of multiple floors, bedrooms, bathrooms, and maybe even a curved marble staircase. Whatever the custom house designs, there are designer home builders who will make it happen.

Waking up to a beautiful dream
When it comes to custom home plans, the future home owner often knows exactly what he, she or they want to see as the final outcome. Buyers and those hoping to have a hand in designing their new home quite often have the highest expectations and can often spend upwards of $1 million for the perfect home they have envisioned. But that isn’t to say that the contractors in charge of executing the designer home plans cannot contribute their professional opinions. Working with the builders and designers will often result in the dream home coming out even better than originally imagined. The professionals know what they are doing, let them do what they do best, and even if you have everything mapped out and you are dead set on it being exactly that way, at least have an open mind to hear possible improvements. Something might come from the brainstorming that you realize you simply cannot live without. Consider the latest luxury must-haves: stone bathtubs or an infinity pool just might add a nice touch to your new home.

More than just a fancy look
There is more to being able to fulfill the dream of making custom house designs into a finished product than fancy rooms or accessories.
If you have the money to spend, you also have a responsibility to the planet to make it as environmentally friendly as possible. Even if preserving the planet is not the highest on your list of priorities, at least consider that going green is definitely a hot trend, so why not take part? For your heating system, think about using a geothermal system, taking advantage of the earth’s consistent temperatures, reducing emissions, and using about 25% to 50% less energy than more traditional heating systems. You can also reduce heating costs by up to 50% with the use of spray foam insulation. And having double paned wood or a vinyl framed window can slash energy costs anywhere from 18% to 24% instead of single pane windows that let in the heat of summer or the cold of winter. Don’t forget about the kitchen: convection ovens can cook up to 25% faster and use less energy.

You can have the stunning home that you have always dreamed of. And you can help to save the earth in the process!

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