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Jun 27 2017

Studies Suggest New Home Buyers Desire Modern Homes

Planned communities

It’s no secret that the goal of many adults today is to one day own a home of their own. But where are people looking to buy? Are there benefits to owning a home versus renting? What kind of features and home styles are potential buyers looking for?

For starters, while many people tend to buy homes near where they grew up, Florida is and has been a popular destination for people of all ages. Why? Well, the warm weather is attractive, as is that fact that the Sunshine state is one of seven states that does not collect individual state income taxes. Other states that don’t include Alaska, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming. Florida is also an attractive place to call home because homeowners can receive an exemption for the first $50,000 of value for property tax purposes if they decl

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Jun 26 2017

Being Prepared Means Being Able to Enjoy Your Retirement

Retirement centers in florida

We work all of our adult lives to contribute to the world until we reach the age of retirement. By that point in our lives, we are more than ready to reap a few of the rewards we have coming to us, whether it be in the form of money, property, or savings.

Many Baby Boomers have retired in recent years and there are still many more to come, and if you are among those numbers, you might be wondering if you have enough resources in place should you ever need long-term care or assisted living facilities. Assisted living and care facilities are not things someone who has just retired or is about to retire want to think about. In fact, many people underestimate the

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Jun 13 2017

The Benefits of VA Loans Versus Conventional Loans

Vet loans

The VA home loan program was designed to help those that were or currently are a part of the United States military. The program is an effort to welcome the soldier?s home and provide them with an easier type of mortgage. If qualified for this specific loan, you will find that there are many benefits of VA loan closing costs, as well as additional benefits to the entire loan program.

Lower income to debt ratio
Conventional mortgages factor in many things, including a person?s income to debt ratio. This means that they look at how much money the person is making and how much they owe in debt. They look at these things to get a better idea of how much money the lender will have to put towards a mortgage payment. They are often estimated on the lower end, whereas the VA home loan may

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Jun 13 2017

The Top Three Reasons Why Every Home Should Invest in a Cleaning Service

Cleaning services clearwater

When was the last time you gave your house a deep clean, and not just the bare minimum of tasks that need to be done each week?

If you can’t remember, it might be a wise idea to look into a professional cleaning service for your living space. These services can clean your house as often as you like, ensuring every nook and cranny of your home is spotless. By employing professional cleaners and maids, these companies are often able to provide cleaning services that are much more thorough than the average person is used to performing.

Still not convinced that a home or apartment cleaning service is a wise investment? Here’s a look at three of the biggest reasons why today’s ho

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Jun 08 2017

How Home Exteriors Contribute to the Beauty and Value of Your Home

Roofing glen ellyn

The exterior of your home works overtime to beautify your home while protecting it from the elements. Roof, siding, doors and windows all give your home its unique appearance. They also withstand the worst of the winter storms, hurricanes, heat and moisture to keep you and your family safe and warm. When you find yourself in need of window installation and replacement, or siding repairs, it’s best to go to a professional company that has experience in all kinds of repairs and installation.

Vinyl siding and how it protects your house
Vinyl siding is hardworking and simple. It can last up to forty years with proper maintenance. It doesn’t need much care, and doesn’t need repainting. Once it’s old, siding should be removed. Worn and ugly siding can detract as much as 10% of th

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