Preparing Your Summer Emergency Plan for Your Children

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Most American children get an extended summer break from school. During these months, parents must find childcare or activities to entertain them throughout the long days. The daily schedule that is established during the school year months changes. The summer is also a time of increased injury and illness. Children spend more time outdoors and participating in games and sports. As we head into the summer months, ensure that you are prepared for any summer time emergencies.

What are your physician?s office hours and walk in policies?
What will you do if your child experiences a medial or injury emergency? Can you take them directly to your primary physician?s office? If you cannot, do you know where the local 24 hour emergency care centers are in your city? Do you know which ones provide the best and most convenient medical treatment? Performing a quick 24 hour emergency clinics near me search can give you a list of local after hour?s pediatrics. The 24 hour emergency clinics near me list should provide you with all of the information that you need, including hours, prices, and types of medical services they provide.

First aid knowledge
It can also be beneficial to have a basic level understanding of first aid. You do not want to have to run to childrens urgent care for a simple cut. Having first aid knowledge can also help you reduce the pain, while you are on your way to the emergency care center. Finally, understanding basic first aid knowledge will help you make a better decision between 24 hour emergency clinics near me and the emergency center at your local hospital.

According to a report from Truven Health Analytics, more than 70% of emergency department visits from patients with consumer sponsored insurance coverage are for non emergency conditions or conditions easily preventable through simple outpatient care. With approximately 9,300 walk in, stand alone urgent care centers in the United States, and 50 to 100 new clinics opening every year (numbers fluctuate with corporate buy overs, expansions, and consolidations), 24 hour emergency clinics near me are the best choice in many situations.

Keep record of all medical conditions
The one down side to visiting a 24 hour clinic or the local emergency department is that the physicians on staff are not aware of any previous medical conditions. You can share any medical history with them, but it can be difficult to remember everything. Current or previous medical conditions could be related to the current medical problem. This summer, keep a medical file for each of your children. If you will be watching any children that are not yours, request the same type of a medical file. This will ensure that they receive proper medical care, regardless of the place.

What will your insurance cover?
Medical care can be expensive, especially when insurance does not cover it. Most insurance carriers have specific types of medical care that they cover and it is your job, as a policy holder, to understand these stipulations. It can be helpful to understand which local 24 hour urgent care centers take your medical insurance. You will be prepared in the event of an emergency. Additionally, you will also find that urgent care centers are more affordable than emergency medical care. The average reimbursement for an urgent care visit is approximately $103 per patient, compared with $302 per patient on average in a hospital emergency department.

As summer approaches, you are likely making plans for your child?s care. Whether or not your child will go to a summer day care or remain at home, you will want to create a summer emergency plan. This is a plan that evaluates the emergency care in your area. This prior research ensures that you have a 24 hour urgent care center previously picked out. This chosen center should be in close proximity to your location and should carry your health insurance. When you prepare ahead of time, you can handle any summer emergency that comes your way.

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