Being Prepared Means Being Able to Enjoy Your Retirement

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We work all of our adult lives to contribute to the world until we reach the age of retirement. By that point in our lives, we are more than ready to reap a few of the rewards we have coming to us, whether it be in the form of money, property, or savings.

Many Baby Boomers have retired in recent years and there are still many more to come, and if you are among those numbers, you might be wondering if you have enough resources in place should you ever need long-term care or assisted living facilities. Assisted living and care facilities are not things someone who has just retired or is about to retire want to think about. In fact, many people underestimate the fact that they will likely need assisted living and care facilities sometime in the future.

According to Age Wave, there is a great number of people who underestimate their long-term care needs in general. In addition, just over a third of people over the age of 50 believe that they will need assisted living and care facilities. The reality is actually more than two-thirds.

Many people put off any kind of discussion regarding long-term care because they are afraid of how it might impact their family. In a recent study, 55% of the respondents said that their greatest fear was being a burden on their family as a result of assisted living and care facilities and other types of long-term care concerns.

If you have just retired or are about to retire, you do not have to continue to live in fear of your long-term care. There are many options to choose from. Taking your time to evaluate several options and educate yourself on what will be best for you is encouraged. The more informed you are, the easier your decision will be when it comes to exercise the options you put into place today.

According to a customer satisfaction survey fielded by Nation Research in 2012, roughly 60% of independent living residents visited at least two different residential living communities before settling on the one they are presently at home in. Just under half of those surveyed said that reputation was a major factor in their decision to move there. A personal recommendation and location were also factors mentioned in the survey.

Assisted living for seniors has come a very long way from what it used to be. This new century has seen the retirement of more people than ever before. Retirement centers are vastly different than they used to be. Many communities have various levels of care ranging from the completely independent resident to the resident who needs care twenty-four hours a day.

If you have just retired, then welcome to the rest of your life. Enjoy every moment!

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