Throwing A Birthday Party, Baby Shower Or Bar Mitzvah? Try A Party Equipment Store

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Why should you rent your party equipment rather than buying? When it comes to giving yourself the widest range of flexible options out there, it just makes far more sense. Celebrations, events and get-togethers are a constant element in many an American’s life. Scheduling, planning, designing, catering and cleaning become a whirlwind of obligations in the wrong hands, making many seek out more savvy options of creating the same memorable party. Event tent rentals, party tent rentals and tent accessories can give you all you need and then some, allowing you to spend less time fussing and more time having the time of your life with friends, family and co-workers.

Planning A Wedding

Are you putting together a wedding to remember? Linen rentals can help. The average cost of an American wedding back in 2012 was around $26,000. Similarly, the average cost of a wedding reception that same year was $13,000 or so. Being aware of the standard budget will help prevent any nasty surprises coming your way. While New York City is a popular location, Utah has been starting to rise in appreciation over the years for its economical location and beautiful surroundings. Since more and more people are choosing to hold marriage ceremonies outside, party tents and extra chairs will go a long way!

Planning A Bar Mitzvah

What about a Bar Mitzvah? These celebrations have only become more elaborate and more extravagant over the years. According to industry estimates, the average Bar Mitzvah budget tends to run around $15,000. Not unlike other major celebrations, it helps to use party equipment to make sure you have all your bases covered. Sailcloth tents are considered a very elegant choice for outdoor events, as nautical-inspired sailcloth tents use translucent material that catches the light brilliantly. Inspired by the sea, these make a great pick for weddings, baby showers and Bar Mitzvahs alike.

Planning A Birthday

Some people throw multiple birthday parties every year. Think linen rentals and fun tent accessories could help with that? With outdoor locations still the cream of the crop, it doesn’t hurt to look up what could make your party really pop. LED furniture, or light-up furniture, is the perfect choice for just about any venue. Not only is it beautiful to look at, it can better illuminate surroundings if the party takes place in the evening or night. It’s a dazzling option for clubs, birthdays and all sorts of fun get-togethers with friends or co-workers. Use it for furniture, tables or to decorate the outside of your terrace!

Renting Party Equipment

When you rent party equipment you create a much smoother party planning experience. The average rental store has all the basics you could possibly need to create an ideal set-up for your sweet sixteen or Bar Mitzvah. Tables and chairs for the dining room, rental linens for outdoor settings and party tents to stave off any bad weather. You’ll never be at a lack of options! For those that want a little extra spice, LED furniture or sailcloth tents can be just the ticket. With so many events to plan, there’s no need to make things harder on yourself than needed. Go the rental route and feel the stress lift from your shoulders with linen rentals, party tents and furniture accessories.

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