How Home Exteriors Contribute to the Beauty and Value of Your Home

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The exterior of your home works overtime to beautify your home while protecting it from the elements. Roof, siding, doors and windows all give your home its unique appearance. They also withstand the worst of the winter storms, hurricanes, heat and moisture to keep you and your family safe and warm. When you find yourself in need of window installation and replacement, or siding repairs, it’s best to go to a professional company that has experience in all kinds of repairs and installation.

Vinyl siding and how it protects your house
Vinyl siding is hardworking and simple. It can last up to forty years with proper maintenance. It doesn’t need much care, and doesn’t need repainting. Once it’s old, siding should be removed. Worn and ugly siding can detract as much as 10% of the value of your home?s. And the benefit of replacing your old siding is much more than aesthetic: it offers an 81% return on your initial investment.When it’s time to replace your siding, there are a range of choices and many types of house siding are available.
Siding options include composite sidings which are more economical than hardwood, and are used in the construction of 15% of the new homes being built. It is made up of fiber cement, or a mix of wood pulp and cement. It still has the look traditional painted wood clapboard or shingle, and can even be designed to look like stone or brick. But composite siding has the benefits of masonry, such as minimal upkeep. It is also rot-free termite-free, and fire-proof, and is not affected by wind or cold.

Do you need new windows?
Like siding, windows contribute to the look of your home as well as its safety and value. New window installation also offers a good return on your investment. This can be as high as 73 to 77% of your expenditure. Windows also add insulation to your home, making it more energy efficient.
The older kind of single-pane glass windows, which were used in most houses before the mid-1990s, are very energy inefficient and should be replaced. They lead to higher heating and cooling costs. They’re also not at all soundproof. By contrast, energy efficient windows and doors that are Energy Star certified can reduce energy costs by 7 to 15%.

How to pick the best roofing company
When you decide to go for a big project like siding or roof repairs, or new window installation, you want to find the best company to do the work for you. Here are some things to look for:

  • They give you a free estimate, after an onsite visit.
  • They are fully licensed and bonded.
  • They will leave your home and property clean every day when they finish work.
  • They sweep driveways and yards, using a magnet to collect nails.
  • They offer industry standard warranties.

With a little maintenance and care, your home exterior can continue to protect and beauty your home for years. When siding repairs and window installation become necessary, it’s important to remember that you’re getting a solid return on your investment in the form of higher home values.

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