Window Glass Repair 101

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Shattered windows are a safety hazard for your family. It allows in weather and pests. It compromises the security of the home. This video demonstrates how to successfully pull off window glass repair without calling a contractor.

The first step is to measure the height and width of the window pane. Once you have these two measurements, subtract a quarter of an inch off of both.

This will be the size glass you need. The reason you want some room is to allow the glass to safely expand and contract with temperature changes.

Next, remove the glazing around the glass and gently tap out the window. Make sure you wear the right protective equipment to protect yourself from broken glass. Once the glass is taken out, strip the old glazing off completely.

Install your new window with metal clips to hold it in. Then use putty and glaze to seal the window completely. Once that’s all set, you can paint over the putty to match the trim of the window pane.

It’s as easy as that. Make sure you have safety equipment and a putty knife readily available. For more information on window repair, click on the link to the video above.

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