Avoid These Deadly Tree Cutting Mistakes

Trees may seem quiet and unassuming, but they are secretly out to get you. Alright, maybe they don’t necessarily have a secret vendetta. However, they are much more dangerous than people believe. Even a large branch from a tree can be enough to kill a person. Trees can also fall down on houses and cause lots of damage.

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This is often why people want larger trees in proximity to their houses to be removed by a tree removal service before this happens. This is especially true when the tree is dying due to disease, bugs, or some other reason. However, if you plan on attempting to remove the tree yourself, there are some deadly mistakes you need to avoid.

When you cut down a tree, it can become entangled on other trees or even powerlines. This creates a very dangerous situation. For example, the tree can change direction while falling as a result of entanglement as it deflects off another tree. This can make a safe escape route difficult to plan. The best way to prevent entanglement is to plan accordingly. Attempt to have the tree fall away from other objects. Make sure to plan your escape route ahead of time. If there are lots of trees or electrical wires nearby, it is better that you call a professional to remove the tree safely.


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