What Is a Family Counselor?

Family therapy with a family counselor may sound daunting, but many families in the US take advantage of the benefits of seeing a family counselor. Keep reading to learn what a family counselor is and what to expect when you attend family therapy.

Let’s start with what family therapy is. Family therapy is a type of physiotherapy or talk therapy in which members of a family attend sessions together.

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These sessions may be as small as two people or maybe composed of people who live together or apart.

What is the goal for a family counselor in family therapy? The goal is to improve communication and connections between family members, resolve conflicts, or even learn about the diagnosis of a loved one.

So what can you expect at family therapy? At your first appointment, your family counselor will explain the ground rules you will be expected to follow. They will provide each family member a form with a list of the rules and ask you to honor them. These rules could be to respect others, to be honest, or even to keep what is discussed confidential.

To learn more about family therapy and a family counselor, watch the video above!


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