How to Select Your Granite Slab

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Getting new granite countertops and sinks is a process that requires a lot of planning, from the templating, to the selection of your natural granite slabs, to the fabrication, and finally the installation. This video breaks down what goes into the process of selecting your slab of natural stone.

In the video, a marble slab is depicted and the staining and etching are discussed. It’s recommended to keep marble away from the sink in your kitchen, and use it as an island instead.

You can also use porcelain on the perimeter of sinks and stovetops to block the marble from any staining liquids that could become a problem, or have professionals come in and take care of the staining as it occurs.

Quartzite is another great option. As opposed to man-made quartz, quartzite is a completely natural stone. You will need to make sure to use a sealer on it and maintain it from etchings, as with all natural stones, but it looks beautiful and lasts a long time when well maintained.

Granite is another great addition and is a bit more durable than marble and quartzite. It also comes in darker colors. For more information, click on the link above.

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