Think You Are the Only One with Awkward Family Photos?

Awkard family photos

Getting together with family can be both a gift and a curse. It is great to catch up, eat delicious food, and play board games when you have nothing left to talk about. However, you have to travel and take those awfully awkward family photos Christmas cards are famous for.

Last Thanksgiving, according to NBC News, 43.6 million Americans traveled more than 50 miles to be with their families. What was there reward? Embarrassing family photos serving as evidence of their love for their family. Do not worry, however. You are absolutely not alone.

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If ever you feel that awkward family pictures only ever happen to you and yours, then have no fear. The Awkward Family Photos book is proof that every single family takes some of the worst pictures to preserve their memories. In fact, the book can serve as a source of things you can do to avoid the most awkward family Christmas photos and those for all other occasions.

  • Consider Using a Professional
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    Some of the most embarrassing photos featured in the Awkward Family Photos book are taken by amateur photographers with an eye for what is extremely cheesy versus what actually looks good. If you want to avoid awkward family portraits, consider using a professional studio. JCPenney portrait studios, for example, can help direct you toward better quality, less ridiculous photographs without charging you exorbitant prices.

  • Use Your Environment Well
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    The environment can either be an incredibly useful prop for a beautiful picture or an embarrassing one. If you are looking for outdoor family photo ideas, consider a nice backdrop like a gazebo, lake, or woodland. The Dating Divas points out that outdoor photos allow you to take advantage of gorgeous scenery and lighting that you cannot create artificially. Do not squander it!

  • Have Fun
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    At the end of the day, your family photos should be fun. They should be something that you and your loved ones will remember for a very long time. Even if they wind up being worthy of the Awkward Family Photos book, who cares? All of those people pictured are having a great time. So long as you come together to take the picture, that is what counts.

If you are tired of taking awkward family photos, then keep these three tips in mind. Consider a professional photographer and using the beauty of nature to your advantage to take away some of the strange elements of your portrait. However, even if you are unable to put those tips to use, you can at least have fun with your awkward family gathering!

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