Why Funny Holiday Photographs are So Popular

Awkward family portraits

If you have more than a few friends, you know some of the funny holiday pictures you can receive. Some are awkward family photos Christmas photographic studios love to produce. Others are rather embarrassing family photos that can give off more information than you need to know. These funny holiday pictures are a staple today, but were once considered a luxury. As a luxury item has moved into the mainstream, funny holiday pictures have become a fixture of the Christmas circuit.

Such funny holiday pictures were once very rare. Until the mid 20th century, family portraits were prohibitively expensive. While most families took at least one, they were still hard to get, and came only once every few years. Family portraits were even harder to produce, and were rarely seen on post cards or in mailing. As such, family portraits tended to be dignified, formal affairs.

Informal funny holiday pictures arose only when technology made it possible. First, there was cheaper film. Later, there were digital camera products. Evolving at the same time were printing technology that made awkward family Christmas photos easy to distribute. These awkard family photos started to spring up, and it was only a matter of time before they became commonplace. Today, families love to send these out.

Why are so many ideas for family pictures so zany? Some of it has to do with technology, but that is only a means of expression. The central idea is still there. The central idea for funny holiday pictures is a self depreciating sense of humor. Families who have this tend to express this humor in photographic form.

As families march through more holidays, they will always produce embarrassing family photos. You have no choice but to receive them. So take funny holiday pictures with a grain of salt. After all, it is an honor you are being included on their joke.

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