Family Christmas Photos Don’t Have to Be Awkward

Awkward family portraits

With the onset of the holiday season, this means taking awkward family Christmas photos for many households. But during a time of year that is often already fraught with stress and friction, why settle for that awkward family portraits session that can be uncomfortable at best and a cause of disagreement at worst? This year, you may want to go out of your way to take holiday photos that emphasize fun while being true to your distinctive family personality and dynamic.

For example, you may want to play up the idea of embarrassing family photos with a tongue-in-cheek session in which you don’t take yourself too seriously. The holidays are notorious for tacky, so-bad-they’re-awesome sweaters. Why not have your entire family dress in these and send the resulting funny holiday pictures out to family and friends as greeting cards?

Perhaps you’ll want to get even more elaborate. This could involve recreating a scene from a favorite holiday movie such as A Christmas Story or It’s a Wonderful Life. Holiday cards and photos are a dime-a-dozen. Why not make yours clever, all while showing your family’s sense of humor?

Other family picture outfit ideas include dressing up as Santa, elves, and reindeer. You could even dress up as other well-known characters such as Frosty the Snowman, Rudolf, Jack Frost. Ultimately, whatever you decide in terms of a theme should be something upon which the whole family agrees. Turn your awkward family portraits of the past (which you may want to forget) into a tradition that encourages family bonding and makes for an enjoyable holiday season.

If you have additional questions, comments, or ideas for fun holiday portraits, be sure to share them in the forum below.

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