Safety Tips for Fire Pits

During breezy summer nights, having fire pits can help make for some fun nights. Whether it’s just to sit by and stay warm or make s’mores, fire pits should be dealt with caution and safety.

Avoiding Getting Too Close

One of the big safety concerns with fire pits is that when some objects get too close, the fire can easily get out of hand. Whether it is a blanket, loose clothing, alcohol, or some other item, it can play a very large role in your safety around a fire pit.

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Fire Injuries

Another reason safety is a top concern is due to the affect a fire burn can leave on your skin. These burns can go deep into your skin and many times can require surgery for the burn victim.

Tips to Follow

If you do choose to have a fire pit, follow these safety tips to ensure proper safety. First, make sure your fire pits are in the open of a large area of your land. Also, make sure to not be sitting too close to the fire, this is how clothing or blankets can easily catch on fire. Also, make sure to keep a garden hose nearby just in case the fire gets out of hand for any reason.


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