HVAC Maintenance Everyone Should Know

HVAC refers to the heating, air conditioning, and ventilation system in buildings. If you are trying to keep up on your maintenance, there are some specific areas that you should focus on. Let’s take a look at some HVAC maintenance that everyone should know.

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The first part of HVAC maintenance that we are going to talk about has to do with the outdoor unit. When you are cleaning the outdoor unit you need to make sure that all dirt and other debris is removed from the coils. Take some time to remove the debris so that it can function properly. You may also want to use a hose to rinse the unit down once you remove the bigger pieces.

Another part of HVAC maintenance has to do with the air filter. The air filter can be found inside the home and it helps to clean the air before you breathe it. Every few months the air filter will get dirty and need to be replaced. If you notice it is dirty, go to the hardware store and replace it with the same kind of filter.

If you notice any larger HVAC problems when you are doing maintenance, you may need to contact an HVAC service.


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