Everything to Consider Before Consulting a Basement Remodeler

Many homeowners seek the services of a basement remodeler to convert their basements into alternative living spaces without considering if their basement is fit for remodeling. Important things homeowners should consider before remodeling their basements are explained in the YouTube video, “Thinking About Finishing Your Basement? Watch This First!”

First, check if your home has a floor vapor barrier and a waterproof membrane around the foundation walls. Houses built before 1995 in North America tend not to have these components.

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Basement remodeling also requires a thorough consideration of a basement’s fitness for water events and relative humidity, and the potential return on investment.

The kind of floor used in basement remodeling is determined by the basement’s condition. Houses that lack waterproofing should use subfloor panels with dimpled membranes. Dimpled membranes help such basements deal with most of their water issues.

For waterproof basements, insulated panels are a proper fit. Insulated panels possess a thermal break that deals with temperature differences between the basement and the floor.

In conclusion, ensure you have insurance backing for your remodeled basement since subfloor types offer limited protection and you can’t plan enough for freak nature events.


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