How to Safely Remove a Wall

Many older houses have unnecessary walls that make the house feel small and cramped. Sometimes, all it takes is removing one wall to open up a whole area to make it more spacious and inviting for guests. This promotes more time spent together. An open floorplan may also add more value to your house. In this video, you will learn how safely demo a wall.

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If you are unsure about this process, please contact a demolition company rather than attempting this project on your own.

Before demoing a wall, it is important to figure out if it is a loadbearing wall. Sometimes, interior walls are used to hold up the roof. Removing one of these would jeopardize the structural integrity of your house. To see if a wall is load bearing, you have to go up into your attic to see if a truss is connected to the wall. If not, you are good to go.

Another consideration before taking down the wall is live wires. You can use a voltage detector to determine if the wires are live. Make sure to turn off the power first so that you don’t electrocute yourself. You will also want to check for piping. Once you have done all of this, you are ready to slowly start taking the wall down. You can use a prybar for this task. A reciprocating saw is also useful for cutting the boards.


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