How Does Oil Delivery Work?

Video Source

Many homes utilize oil for heating purposes in their home. It’s an excellent option but it does require regular deliveries to keep the fuel source topped off. This video shows how one oil delivery serviceman goes about refilling a home’s oil supply so that they have energy for heating.

The driver has a computer in the car so that they have all of the information on their customers. They can also communicate with the home office in case of any issues. It’s a handy device to have because the driver doesn’t need to waste time looking for the right home.

Once the driver gets to the home, they use the computer to record that they are beginning the delivery. Then, the deliveryman goes to the back of the truck to the meter station. This is where the meter for measuring the oil in the home is located. The serviceman puts on gloves and grabs his specialized oil rag, then brings the nozzle to the pipe for refueling.

The rag goes on the ground to prevent any damage from oil dripping on the lawn. He connects the line and starts the pump very slowly. The pump goes until the house is refueled and the driver is done! For more information, check out the video above.

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