Hottest Area Rug Trends for 2022

Area rugs can completely change a room. A pop of color can bring any art room to life, or a dark accented rug can make any gaming room extra modern. Clearly, area rugs are some of the easiest things to add to a room with no installation required.

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If you are feeling sick of your old room, chances are you just need a small switch in decor! Living room area rugs need replacements every now and then, so what better time to get a new area rug than during the spring cleaning season? This video shows some of the most popular models this year for living room area rugs.

Some of the predicted best-sellers this year are notable not for their color, but for their smoothness, balance, and awesome durability. The gorilla grip faux-chinchilla area rug, for example, provides a soft and even floor space, perfect for playing games. Many of these rugs also have support dots, so that your rug doesn’t slide when placed onto hardwood floors. The Lochas ultra-soft area rug boasts the softest feel on this list, while also being vcuum-friendly!


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