A Day in the Life of a Midwife

Midwives are some of the most integral parts of a hospital. They often perform tasks that are, quite literally, life-giving. The role of a midwife can fluctuate depending on the situation and the procedures required, but all-in-all midwives are responsible for women in childbirth. This video takes a walk through a day as midwife, and why their services are so crucial to the process of childbirth.

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Not only does a midwife deliver babies, they also provide emotional support to the mother during the childbirth. Midwives sit in on countless childbirths in order to get a feel for how to perform their duties, and even sometimes get to practice on mannequin-like test subjects to get the hands-on experience they need to successfully deliver a child. Midwives are in charge of recommending pain relief strategies for women in labor as well, and can suggest certain movements or positions to help the mother. Their final job is to bring the baby skin-to-skin with the mother after the birth, to ensure the babies temperature is regulated and to begin to soothe the mother after the stressful experience. Clearly, midwives are hospital heroes!


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