Find Silly Galleries to Kill Time While Browsing the Internet

Ideas for family pictures

Around the world, the average internet user will spend 16 hours a month online. However, that number doubles in the United States where users devote 32 hours to the internet every month. While much of that number undoubtedly comes from the fact that more and more people are using the internet while at work or for personal reasons, like banking and paying bills, the reality is that many of the hours spent online are used for just killing time. Lots of people browse different websites looking at sports scores, reading blogs, or even browsing through awkward family pictures to pass the time.

The ways that people admit to spending their time online will vary from person to person. Some 22% of people spend their time on social media, 21% use search engines, 20% read all kinds of content, 19% use email and digital communication tools, 13% visit multimedia sites, and the remaining 5% shop online. But, within all of those activities is time spent getting distracted by awkward family Christmas photos and countless other silly distractions that the internet is loaded with.

While some managers might not like to admit it, most employees spend at least some time during their day procrastinating. Some might do that by playing solitaire on their computer or zoning out while listening to podcasts, but others will browse through galleries of awkward family pictures to get a good laugh that helps break up the monotony of a day in the office. There are lots of sites, including some social media ones, that are dedicated to sharing everything from cats and dogs being cute to embarrassing family photos, and they can be a great treat – if not a distraction – for workers.

Though most internet users might kill time by checking out lots of awkard family photos and having a laugh or two, the web is a great resource for all kinds of creative inspiration. In fact, going through some of even the silliest galleries could provide ideas for family pictures that are a lot more fun than a standard portrait. So though web users might be procrastinating or just wasting their free time while looking at funny pictures, they might get inspired with a good idea for helping their family bond.

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