Avoiding Awkward Family Portraits

Awkward family photos christmas

At one time or another, every person has been involved in awkward family portraits. For whatever reason, it seems that many people just do not enjoy having their photos taken. Then come those times when one member of the family decides to surprise mom and dad during the holidays with awkward family photos. Of course, the original intention was not to create awkward family portraits, but a beautiful family Christmas portrait, which the parents would adore for years to come. However, it seems that awkward family portraits are almost unavoidable. Think about it. Someone clever person makes arrangements with JCPenney portrait studios to have all brothers, sisters, spouses, and children come meet for a family portrait. But how can one not end up with embarrassing family photos or awkward family Christmas photos when you cram 27, among which are five squiggling, screaming children into a single picture? Under such circumstances, regardless of family picture clothing ideas, it is inevitable that the result will be a set of awkward family pictures.

Actually, there are ways to avoid awkward family portraits. And that has a lot to do with how many people are in the picture, when the picture is taken, and most importantly, the photographer who is charged with taking the portraits. When a family plans to have a family portrait taken, it is best to have different members plan together. This way, any children who are involved in the shoot will be well rested and fed. Furthermore, if there are too many infants and toddlers, it may be best to not take any photos at all, unless one is okay in the event that the photo session results in awkward family portraits.

Of course, there is always the chance that a large family could get lucky, and not one of the 17 children will cry, all will look at the camera when instructed to do so, and all will smile. However, under most circumstances, when it comes to large family photos with several children, embarrassing or awkward family portraits are almost impossible to avoid. However, if a family wants to offer mom and dad the least awkward family portraits, enlist the services of JCPenney Portrait Studios.

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