Do This If You Have Drain Problems

Drain problems are a common issue in many homes. It is not uncommon for drains to get clogged by various debris. For example, hair, dirt, or food could get caught in the drain.

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A little bity of debris will go through, but the problem arises when it gets caught or clumps together to form a blockage. The result is often a drain that drains slowly or not at all. This can be troublesome because it may keep you from being able to use that sink or tub. A professional plumber could help you solve this problem. However, there are also some easy solutions that you can do yourself. In this video, you will learn how to quickly unclog a drain on your home for very little to no cost.

First, you will need some cable ties. You may have some lying around the house. If not, head to the store and pick some up. They are very affordable and will do the job. Once you have your cable ties, cut notches in them every so often. These notches will help catch any hair or other debris that may be clogging the sink. After you have your notches cut, stick the cable tie down the drain and use it to fish out the debris.


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