A Guide for Beautiful Framed Photos on a Budget

Now that you’ve captured a variety of gorgeous photos for your home, you want to proudly display them on your walls. But the process of printing your images and setting them up can be frustrating, not to mention expensive. Following these steps will help you create the beautiful gallery with framed photos you are imagining.

First, be prepared for some trial and error.

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While no one wants to make mistakes, ordering test prints will allow you to play with contrast and editing until you find the settings that work best for the printer you are using.

Another tip is to order as many photos as possible together in one print. They can then be cut apart and assembled into different frames later. This will be much more cost-effective than ordering single prints to fit each frame and will maximize the space used on every page.

Once you have your printed images, cut them out and stick them to the back of their mounting boards. Removing the mounting board can be a tricky process, so using a ruler might help. Then, you can stick your photo to the board with double-sided tape that will be invisible on display. Finally, you can reassemble your frame and hang it on your wall.

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