When Was the Last Time Winter Weather Ruined Your Plans?

This is one of those winters when you feel as if all you are able to do is plan and reschedule. For instance, you purchased a a frame bike rack for the back of your SUV, but after having to reschedule three bike rides in a row because of snow, you have finally decided to wait until next month.

From portable aluminum bleachers that surround baseball diamonds covered in snow to a frame bike rack that has not been used, the Winter of 2019 has been a rough one. Fortunately, by the first week in March, there is hope. In fact, every day that passes is one more day closer to the time when we finally get rid of the snow, the cold temperatures, and will have a chance to use that A frame bike rack and get your kids back out onto the ball diamonds around the country.

Winter Weather Cannot Last Forever

Even when you are certain that the piles of snow in your backyard will never melt, you really do know that winter will not stick around forever. The climbing playgrounds will not always be empty and the metal bleachers won’t either. Sometimes when it is another weekend when the snow, wind, and ice are interrupting your plans, it can seem as if you will never get to enjoy a long weekend in the sun again. Even the best designed playgrounds are of little use during the worst of the winter days, but there is hope knowing that you will some day soon wake to a day when the sun melts the rest of the snow away.

No matter what time of year it is, parents all across the country are looking for ways to make sure that their children are getting as much fresh air and exercise as they need. Unfortunately, children ages eight to 18 spend between four and five hours each day watching TV in various forms, including on their mobile phones and the Internet. This information, according to research by the Kaiser Family Foundation, is just one indicator that parents and teachers alike need to continue finding ways to make sure that there kids get the activity that you need, even on the worst and longest of winter days.

Research indicates that children with poorly developed motor-skills by age five will likely never develop efficient motor-skills. Fortunately, outdoor play appears to be an important environment to foster these skills. Whenever you can it is important to make sure that you find a way to get the exercise that you still need.

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